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Movement Personal Training


Derby Personal Trainer

We aim to deliver the highest level of expertise to our clients in Personal Training, sports conditioning and Sports Massage Therapy sessions, especially through our work in elite sports coaching.

We have delivered world class therapy to athletes competing in the worlds strongest man during our work with the sports massage academy.

Elite Personal Training

We are a team of highly energetic and experienced Personal Trainers who aim to deliver elite and fully tailored personal training programmes.

Fully Tailored Program

We have trained elite level athletes to the general public and can tailor our programmes to suit your individual needs.

Sports Massage Therapy

We complement our training programmes with sports therapy and sports massage therapy. We put a high emphasis on correct movement to reduce the risk of injury and to allow our clients to train harder for longer.

In the last year I have lost nearly 4 stone, dropped over 10% body fat and surpassed old Personal Bests! Luke’s sessions are always varying and I never get bored of the ‘same old’ routine, making it easy to focus on health and fitness.

George Payne

Training for fat loss, strength, and to return to proper movement function after a career ending rugby injury.

I have had trainers in the past who’s main aim is to make you not walk for two weeks and in my opinion are ‘cowboys’. Movement Personal Training not only has extremely knowledgeable trainers but they have great people skills and make every session effective and fun. The results I have got from attending weekly sessions I could never have achieved myself. Highly recommended.

Steve Frixou

Treated for severe back and shoulder pain, now he is back to full function, we are focusing on fat loss and body composition.


During the first lockdown in 2020 I had put on weight; I was sat in one place at home for the majority of the day and was consoling myself with extra food and wine. I realised at the start of the summer that none of my ‘summer’ clothes fitted me anymore and got back in touch with Rich. 

I’ve lost almost 2 stone. More importantly I feel better, have more energy and am generally much happier.


Nel Flint

Focusing on fat loss, body composition and general fitness

I have been training with Luke since late 2013. At this point I had just begun my return to professional motocross racing. He has helped me in my journey and gave me the fitness and knowledge I have needed to go through the ranks, now racing as Suzuki’s number 1 rider in the country.

Josh Spinks

Training for sports performance and to better his career as a professional motocross racer.

We cannot thank Richard enough. When Covid-19 arrived and we went into lockdown, we both decided it was time to finally get our heads in order in terms of our weight and general fitness. As we were both working from home, being able to follow a home work out programme was ideal as it meant that we could fit it around our work. In 12 weeks we have lost four and a half stone between us. 

Tony and Julia Mcllroy

Training for body composition and fat loss.

Derby Personal Trainer

Is there such a thing as a bad exercise?

Which exercise is “best”? So, recently, I made the mistake of adding a comment to a well-known strength training blog. As we all know, the internet is full of experts and you don’t truly know your stuff until you’ve graduated from “Instagram University.” I won’t bore...

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What should you look for in a personal trainer?

What you should expect from a Personal Trainer? The health and fitness industry has really blown up in the last few years, which has lead to a massive surge in gym memberships, as well as many of us becoming much more invested in our health and fitness more than ever...

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What type of crawl?

So I’ve mentioned in my “laws of fitness post” the importance of groundwork and crawling. I hear many people calling what they are doing a bear crawl, but what I see is many different variations. The names vary so you may see these movements called something else, but...

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My Laws of Fitness

As this is my first blog post, I think I should share some ideas and concepts that I work towards with my personal training clients and my athletes. As a basic overview I will share the “laws” that I stick to when writing a program or training session: Law #1 “The...

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A few tips for motivation

Gym motivation So I’ve recently been asked to write a blog post on gym motivation and how do you drag your ass to the gym when being an adult all day has left you drained? Well one idea I have always had is that motivation is basically bullshit! Motivation to me is...

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